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The Firm Reza Ginandjar & Associates (The Firm RGA) was established in 2015 by an Advocate who had experiences in handling various legal issues in Indonesia. in accordance to give every legal action The Firm RGA is always based on a commitment with the 3 (three) values as follows:

  1. Integrity, that The Firm RGA always act consistently in providing legal assistance to its clients, namely to uphold truth and justice while upholding the values of morality and code of ethics;

  2. Accountability, that The Firm RGA in each statement is always based on data and facts of law and responsible for every action he does;

  3. Transparency, that The Firm RGA always improving of relationships, adjust to developments in various disciplines of law and to follow any changes in laws and regulations that apply so as to adapt to the challenges faced and provide fast, accurate, efficient and quality care to its clients.

Based on this commitment, The Firm RGA strive to always provide the best solution for clients, namely the solution is a solution to solving the problem during a lawsuit, as well as solution to anticipate legal problem that might be arise in the future.